This Fall, we will offer two programs.

  1. Traditional Developmental Program – eight two hour sessions on Sundays starting after Labor Day and ending before Thanksgiving.

The sessions will focus on skill development.  Players are grouped according to the age Division in which they will be playing in the Spring 2022 Season. Helping players acclimate to new rules and ball size are important elements of the Fall Program. To the greatest extent possible players will be matched with comparably skilled players to allow them to raise their skills together. 

We are looking for highly experiences coach/managers to lead the effort in different age groups. Head/Lead coaches will design sessions to improve the fundamentals of hitting, bunting, running, and defense.  We’d like to have a low ratio of players to coaches so assistant coaches, youth coaches (GVGSA alumni), and parent volunteers are encouraged to help out. Youth coaches are eligible for community service credit. All adult assistants will be required to have a current Background Check. 

Coaches who can teach special skills like pitching, catching, and slapping, please let me know if you can help. The pitchers and catchers in 8U in the 2021 Spring Season were particularly inexperienced due to the lost 2020 COVID season. It would be great to highlight those important skill positions in our Fall Program. Please consider volunteering your time/experience.

  1. Fall League/Tournament Play- Doubleheader's in Ventura on Sundays– A combination of practices and games but entirely dependent on the managers, coaches, and  parents as described below. 

Fall Ball teams are formed and run independently from traditional GVGSA regular season and all-star teams.  The players are selected by the managers and coaches who have volunteered their time.  The League reviews and approves the manager applications (they are traditionally regular and/or all-star managers) but the League does not dictate the player selection process.  Individual coaches form teams based on an open sign-up process rather than a draft format and each team is an independent entity responsible for paying all of its own fees.  A nominal per player fee will be charged by the League to cover the use of fields and equipment and insurance but GVGSA does not fund any Fall Ball teams. 

The number of available teams and age divisions available is based on the number of volunteer managers and interested players.  The League wants every interested player to find a spot to improve their skills and their love of the game.  However, there is no guarantee that there will be enough managers and coaches to have a spot on a team for every interested player.  The best way to ensure your daughter plays fall ball is to manage a team or contact a manager who is.  If you ever thought about managing or coaching a team, please inquire. 

Please understand it requires a tremendous amount of time, work, and money to run a full Spring Season.  Fall Ball is intended to enable girls to play during the fall season while minimizing the commitment of the GVGSA organization.


Opened: 07/29/2021
Closes: 10/01/2021

Open to:
born between: 12/31/2005 and 01/01/2017